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OpenPKG Security Advisory (wordpress)

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OpenPKG Security Advisory (wordpress)
OpenPKG Security Advisory (wordpress)

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Publisher Name:          OpenPKG GmbH
Publisher Home: http://openpkg.com/ 

Advisory Id (public):    OpenPKG-SA-2007.005
Advisory Type:           OpenPKG Security Advisory (SA)
Advisory Directory: http://openpkg.com/go/OpenPKG-SA 
Advisory Document: http://openpkg.com/go/OpenPKG-SA-2007.005 
Advisory Published:      2007-01-06 19:37 UTC

Issue Id (internal):     OpenPKG-SI-20070106.02
Issue First Created:     2007-01-06
Issue Last Modified:     2007-01-06
Issue Revision:          05

Subject Name:            WordPress
Subject Summary:         Weblog Publishing System
Subject Home: http://wordpress.org/ 
Subject Versions:        * <= 2.0.5

Vulnerability Id:        none
Vulnerability Scope:     global (not OpenPKG specific)

Attack Feasibility:      run-time
Attack Vector:           remote network
Attack Impact:           privilege escalation, arbitrary code execution

    According to a security advisory from Stefan Esser [0], a
    vulnerability exists in the Weblog publishing system WordPress
    [1], versions up to and including 2.0.5. WordPress supports
    decoding Trackbacks with different charsets when PHP's
    "mbstring" extension is activated (OpenPKG packages "php"
    build with option "with_mbstring=yes" or "apache" build with
    "with_mod_php_mbstring=yes"). Because the decoding happens after the
    database escaping is performed, choosing a suitable charset for the
    input data allows bypassing the protection against SQL injection.

[0] http://www.hardened-php.net/advisory_022007.141.html 
[1] http://wordpress.org/ 

Primary Package Name:    wordpress
Primary Package Home: http://openpkg.org/go/package/wordpress 

Corrected Distribution:  Corrected Branch: Corrected Package:
OpenPKG Enterprise       E1.0-SOLID        wordpress-2.0.5-E1.0.1
OpenPKG Community        2-STABLE-20061018 wordpress-2.0.6-2.20070106
OpenPKG Community        2-STABLE          wordpress-2.0.6-2.20070106
OpenPKG Community        CURRENT           wordpress-2.0.6-20070106

For security reasons, this document was digitally signed with the
OpenPGP public key of the OpenPKG GmbH (public key id 61B7AE34)
which you can download from http://openpkg.com/openpkg.com.pgp 
or retrieve from the OpenPGP keyserver at hkp://pgp.openpkg.org/.
Follow the instructions at http://openpkg.com/security/signatures/ 
for more details on how to verify the integrity of this document.

Comment: OpenPKG GmbH  


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