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Cisco Trust Agent Vulnerability
Cisco Trust Agent Vulnerability
Cisco Trust Agent Vulnerability

There is a vulnerability affecting the latest version (v2.1.103.0) of the Cisco Trust Agent software for MacOS X that can allow an individual with physical access to an endpoint to bypass authentication and gain administrative access to the local machine.  

When Cisco Secure Access Control Server is configured to display a message to the end user following a posture check, the Cisco Trust Agent installed on a MacOS X machine may display the message over the top of the login screen when the client is powered up or rebooted.  When the message is displayed, a user can access System Preferences through the Apple Menu as the root user and make changes to user accounts, including changing existing passwords.  

A malicious user with this access can change an administrator account password without knowledge of the existing password and then proceed to login using that account.

Adam Blake of Deloitte UK

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