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TUCoPS :: Network Appliances :: bt973.txt

SMC7004VB router sensitive information leak

:: Advisory

Vulnerable:  SMC7004VB sensitive information leak
Found: July 25th 2003
Vendor: SMC
Vendor notified: August 15th 2003
Vendor response: Answered but is on vacation.
Public release: August 31th 2003


An incorrect configuration in the SMC7004VB router allows you
to steal usernames and passes.
You can also use the IP without spoofing.

Some days ago, I scanned the IP of a teammember and LANguard
detected an installed proxy.
I tried to visit the homepage of this proxy...
But there was none. I used the proxy and opened the page again.
A saw a loginscript and tried some passes (username isn't required).
I tested some passes but the proxy didn't block.
Therefore I started a Bruteforceattack and after this I
noticed, the proxy did not block after thousands of passes.
I aborted this test.

That was the proof that you can get the pass with a stupid
working attack

Alexander Müller
Electronic Security

Thanks to: mo (, Fabian Becker (Electronic Security)

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