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TUCoPS :: Network Appliances :: netopia4.htm

Netopia R9100 ISDN Router 4.6 - getting out without being logged, by making it crash!

    Netopia Router


    Netopia R9100 Router 4.6


    Julien Henry found following.  This will be short because it  does
    not need a lot of explanation.  This is in a really specific case.

    If you have the password of the router and if you are logged to it
    you will not be  able to delete all  the traces.  The  router logs
    the connection and the disconnection  of telnet sessions.  If  you
    want  to  delete  the  connection  from  the logs you just have to
    delete them.  But if you want to delete the disconnection log  you

    The only way to do that is to make it crash.  Just use the  telnet
    program which is inside the router.  Try to make a connection from
    the IP of the router to the  IP of the router.  It will  crash it,
    as a consequence, you will NOT be logged!  In the log you only see
    things like that:

        01/24/01 01:01:15 --BOOT: Warm start v4.6 ----
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: A6: 12F6890, A7: 12F67DC
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: A4: 0, A5: 124B474
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: A2: 125F9AC, A3: 0
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: A0: 125F9D8, A1: 0
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: D6: 0, D7: C1FB0028
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: D4: 0, D5: 0
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: D2: 0, D3: 0
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: D0: 0, D1: 6
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: BERR SF SP+$10: 10845AE, SP+$14: E0045
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: BERR SF SP+$08: 83A, SP+$0C: FFFFF9AC
        01/24/01 01:01:10 * EXCEPTION: PC: 10845AE, SR: 2004, F/V: C008


    The problem has been resolved for  some time now.  The version  of
    firmware against  which this  problem has  been reported  (4.6) is
    close to a year  old.  The current  version of firmware is  4.8.2,
    or  two  feature  releases  and  a  number  of  bug fixes removed.
    Please upgrade to 4.8.2.

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