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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Caller ID :: 78anac.txt

Toll Free ANACs, 7-8-01

  Toll Free Anac's As of 7-8-01
    by: ic0n
   for: 31337 Phreaking

  Anac Stands for Automatic Number Announcement Circuit. An Anac number
  that you call will tell you the number you are calling from. This has
  a variety of uses. Lineman call them to find out the number there working
  on. Phreaks use them when there beige boxing for the same reason.

 1-8oo-4o4-3733 Some Vmb
 1-888-294-7514 Some Vmb
 1-8oo-555-114o Ani 2
 1-8oo-555-115o Ani 2
 1-8oo-555-116o Ani 2
 1-8oo-555-118o Ani 2
 1-8oo-314-4258 Mci 
 1-888-324-8686 Bulletproof vms Demoline
 1-8oo-666-1379 1+1  Credit IQ 
 1-8oo-444-o872 1+1  Credit IQ
 1-8oo-444-0866 1+1  Credit IQ
 1-8oo-523-9012 Moragelink Demoline Faxback and anac in one
 1-8oo-66o-2626 Ameritech
 1-888-221-o1o4 enter any 5 digit code
 1-8oo-2o4-4653 o1o8o9 then ani
 1-8oo-877-CAPT oo9949 then ani
 1-8oo-235-8378 oo9625 then ani
 1-8oo-789-4779 2o1867 then ani
 1-8oo-729-oo56 3o2234 then ani
 1-888-776-5733 4o9159 then ani
 1-888-821-4496 4oo213 then ani 


  Well that's all the toll free anac numbers i have right now if you 
  have any not on this list e-mail me them and i will give you full 
  credit of you find.

  31337 Phreaking
  Can You Handle It ??

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